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Crohn's from Cairo

I am new to the forum but actually was following it since almost one year . In short, I am 43 year from Cairo, Egypt. My symptoms started at the age of 24 ( maybe earlier) and diagnosed 8 years later as Crohn's disease. I understand that my disease in the ileum , mostly obstructive, and in the past few years extended to the colon and rectum. I took almost all available medications in Egypt with no adequate response (systemic steroids, Imuran, entocort, budenfalk, pentasa, remicade and humira). I am now on entocort, Imuran, partial elemntal diet (peptamin). Last was the worst. I had severe proctitis then an intestinal obstruction at August 2013 then my first anginal attack (unstable angina ) at October 2013. doctors thought that Humira may be the cause and so it was stopped. It was also not improving my Crohns . Cardiologist over trwated me witb hypotensive drugs till i had renal shut done. I was very lucky that my kidneys start to work again.
as there was no obvious risk factor for me, i was diagnosed with systemuc lupus in additionto Crohns especially that antibodies for lupus was increasing. At february 2014, I received a huge dose of pulse steroids ( not coreelating with my under bulit), that i developed acute steroid mypoathy with respiratory affection. I was lucky again as mypoathy is better but still not normal. I also develpped fungal hepatitis and oesophageal moniliasis at that time , all resolved with antifungal. i stooped saying doctors since then, i take my antihypertensive medication, nitroderm patch on need and my Crohn's medications (entocort, imuran, partial elemental diet) and plaquinil for lupus (in case it was really lupus).
The forum helped me a lot this past year. I am really thankful to all your input.
My goodness- bless you! You are one tough cookie! Regarding the plaquenil, I hope that you get a yearly eye exam. I don't know exactly what the side effect can be on the eyes, but when I was on it, I had to have my field of vision checked, along with the regular exam.
Thank you dave 13 and fozheart. Sometimes I think I am in a dream . I used to do eye exam years ago bit mot in the past 7_8 years. Thank you for reminding me