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Crohn's from July 2013

hello All,
I am from India (26/M),My gastrointestinal problems started in 2004 (@ age of 17 )when i admitted into hospital with severe pain in the right abdomen and doctors done ultrasound and other blood tests (results : eosinophils and lymphocytes with higher proportion than usual).Taken some medication.After that its OK.Other things like acidity added through the following years when i am eating outside.

In july2010 (@ age of 23),finally went to GI, with symptoms like difficulty in swallowing.Endoscopy results shown as Antral Gastritis.Started taking medication continuously. In October 2010 one night i felt palpitation and didn't sleep well.Doctors concluded that as anxiety because thyroid results shown normal.

After my studies, joined job in august 2012 ,i felt some pain in my chest and stomach and feeling breathlessness,and head is spinning.Doctor asked me you had any diarrhea recently.I told yes.He called for blood tests
Results :Vitamin B12 : 128 pg/ml (deficiency)
eosinophils, and lymphocytes on the higher end.

He told some stomach infection and gave medication for 1 month and 5 B12 injections, advised to take more milk.For the next few months i recovered but i am gaining my weight (50 to 59 kgs).It is unusual because last 3 years my weight is 50 kgs.There stared my joint pains.Initially i neglected and after 2 months i went to doctor, he called for vitamin D test ( results 11ng (deficiency).Taken Tayo 60K for 8 weeks.

Calcium levels normal in blood.But my fat levels are changed.Less HDL cholesterol and high LDL one. But my pain in left and right abdomen continues from last 8 months.

In July 2013 when i ate outside, my poops are watery,black/greenish color and i felt nausea,feeling exhausted. I just on liquids and went home and immediately rushed to GI. I showed all the pathology reports from past one year.He immediately asked me 'YOU HAVE MOUTH ULCERS' I told yes.On the same Evening i had COLONOSCOPY

COLONOSCOPY RESULTS : Multiple Small ulcers in cecum and terminal ileum

BIOPSY Report :Sections studied show ileal mucosa exhibiting ulceration and dense inflammatory infiltrate of lymphocytes,neutrophils and plasma cells. Large hyper plastic lymphoid follicles are seen.

Medications : Budesonide 3mg 3 tablets per day,Pentasa 6 tablets per day,Vitamin tablets. for 2 months

After 2 months, to check the extent of disease to small intestine done CT-Enterography (as loss in weight and weakness is more)
Findings - Short segment (5 cm) thickening of terminal ileum.

Tried predsonide for 15 days, no improvement in mouth ulcers and back to budesonide and mesalamine (1.2 mg).

Presently thinking of SCD, ordered yogourmet yoghurt maker (as it is not common in india,you will find 4 hrs yoghurt in every home,feeling bad first time about conversion rate from dollar to rupee as the yoghurt to be imported from US through ebay).
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Don't know much about India and GI doctors. But keeping a food diary might help figure out what you can tolerate. I would ask if you can take bilogics, yes they are powerful but if you can handle them, it may be worth it. Welcome to the forum. We are here if you need.
Scary man,
Thanks for your reply.About pro biotics which bacterium is good? My GI doctor didn't prescribed me any probiotics.I have to ask him for next appointment.

Is Tiredness or weakness is common with crohns?.At some time in the day i am feeling some one is sucking my energy.
Budesonide/Mesacol (1.2 mg)
Folic acid - 0.5mg
Vitamin D/calcium-1000 IU/1000 mg /day
Multi Vitamin which contains 'B' - 2 times /day.
Only a blood test can tell you what your lacking. But in my experience I've had energy issues when I started these powerful immunosuppressants, MTX and humira. I tried probiotics, they didn't do anything for me. You maybe differant.