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Crohns genetic testing

Has anyone ever had genetic testing for crohns and if so are the results always right ?
The term "genetic testing for Crohn's" could mean a lot of different things depending on which genes are tested for. There are a bunch of genes associated with increased risk of having Crohn's or increased risk of having severe, aggressive Crohn's if you have the disease in the first place. There is no simple Yes/No genetic testing for prediciting or diagnosing Crohn's. It's more like forecasting the weather. If the weatherman says there will be a 40% chance of rain tomorrow and tomorrow it starts to rain, was the weatherman right or wrong?

I have been tested for five different Crohn's-associated genes (SNPs): ATG16L1, ECM1, NKX2-3, STAT3, and NOD2. I tested Positive for increased risk of Crohn's by STAT3 and Negative by the other four tests, and I do in fact have Crohn's. So was the genetic testing right? It depends on your definition of "right."

It's really hard to say whether the testing was right because we are not dealing with with a yes or no question. We are dealing with probabilities. The more of these risk genes you test positive for (and there are more than just these five), the more likely you are to get Crohn's. But nothing is a sure thing. Testing all five negative does not mean that you absolutely can't get Crohn's, and testing all five positive does not ensure that you absolutely will get Crohn's.