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Crohns in mouth/gums

Hey there. I was wondering if any of you have had crohns in the mouth or on the gums?

Recently (within the last few months) my gums have turned a frightening dark red colour and every time I smile I look scary. At first I thought it was because I wasn't flossing enough but I don't think that is it because of how fast it came up. At the moment they are very inflamed, and that wierd middle flap of tissue that comes down from your top lip to the gum is twice to three times larger than normal. I was looking closely today and I could see slight white patches on it. My gums often bleed when I brush and if I brush with an electric toothbrush it's like a bloodbath in my sink lol. Now I think of it when I eat hard or crunchy things like crunchy bread or chips it can hurt a bit. It's more the colour that is annoying me but I just wonder if anyone has had anything similar?

Oh also it has only started since I started on humira. Didn't happen on the first round of humira I took a few years ago though. Maybe a reaction between azathioprine and humira? Or maybe it's just crohns? Not sure.

Anyway hope to hear some feedback! And any tips if their IS any to help it or stop it being so inflamed and red.


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Personally I haven't had that happen. I'd mention it to your GI and even a dentist should be able to tell you what's going on (even if its medication related). Some things that come to mind are oral thrush (since you mentioned white patches), gingivitis, canker sores (do the white patches look like little ulcers or are they just a change in color?), or possibly inflammation in your mouth/gums (that's just a guess, might want to get some blood work done to check on that). Keep us posted if you hear anything from either your GI or a dentist. :)