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Crohns in rectum...problems pooping?

I have Crohns in my rectum and lately I have had major problems pooping (although I think I'm in remission???). My stools are soft but formed, but I have trouble getting them out. Not like constipation. I have those cramps that tell me I need to go, but when I sit on the toilet, it's like something is blocking the stools from coming out. i go several times a day, but the stools, when they do come out, are like small green beans. I wouldn't say it's painful to go, but I get that goose-bump-shaky-sweaty-crampy thing as I try to get it out. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I am wondering if my rectum could be inflammed and partially blocked? Any thoughts?

i've no idea about rectal crohns but every flare for me starts with that goosebump - shakey - sweaty - godawful I want to die crampy pain as really thin green beans like u describe pass, then its diarrhoea all the way..... I kinda thought that was a standard flare pattern??

Hmm, Thanks for the post Lulu. Honestly, I have only had one real, legitiamte, diarrhea 20 times a day, weight-loss, etc kind of flare and that was 10 years ago when I was diagnosed. Since then, all of my problems have been with rectal fistula and such, so that is why I immediately assume it's a rectal issue. Because I did not know I had Crohns at the time my last flare started, I really can't remeber if i had this before or not. I hope I'm not heading back down that road. When you get the green-bean like stools, is it difficult to get them out, like something is standing in the way?
I wouldnt say its like something is blocking them but yes they are hard to pass. It's not like constipation tho I completely agree, I dont know how to describe it tho. It comes on suddenly for me, i can be completely normal, have a normal bowel habit, not be flaring, then suddenly I get 'that' feeling (gosh its awful isn't it) and then I have the thin hard to pass stools then theyre followed by diarrhoea and rushing to and from the loo, the pain eases a little after that initial hard to pass bit but is still absolutely awful, just not quite the pain that makes me think Id rather die. I often vomit at the same time as passing that thin poo too...... it's delightfully attractive leaking out of both ends!!
Hi Cookie,

My BMs feel like that a lot, too. I feel like I really have to go, but it's not diarrhea, just soft thin stools. I would imagine it's a little flare-up. I would see your GI, or at least call them. Not all flares are raging diarrhea, I know for me at least they are not.


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Hi Cookie,
With your symptoms it might be a good idea to check things out with your GI specialist
With Crohns we can never be sure what is happening inside of us till the experts take a look. Better be safe than sorry.
Hugs and best wishes
This sounds like a stricture to me. I had the same problem for years. Often it would be like I was constipated but when it did come out it was very loose. If your stools look like worms when they come out, then I'd say this was definately a stricture (narrowing) in your rectum. I only found out what mine was when I had a colonoscopy and they couldn't get the cam through.

I'd definately make an appointment with your GI and explain what is going on, even if you're not finding it too problematic. They are better sorted sooner rather than later.
I have to agree with MistyEyed. My daughter also had very small stools like you describe when she was diagnosed with a stricture. It doesn't mean that is what it is, but I would have it checked to make sure. Good luck to you and I hope you feel better soon.
I can't say I know what is causing your problems, but I seem to be having similar problems over the last few weeks.

I have crohn's with some involvement in the rectum and it makes it difficult to pass stool. Since I have been on Prednisone and Imuran the D has been slowly going away, but the frequency and cramping has not. It used to be easier to pass the D, but now for 2 or 3 of the dozen goings a day I pass nearly formed stool. And it seems my rectum is not up to dealing with it. As a result I sit there and cramp and involuntarily strain trying to pass the stool all the while having a very unpleasant pressure/cramping/sickly/OMG will I make it kind of feeling that persists for a while afterwards. Its almost as if I don't feel well afterwards too. I had a fissure a couple years ago that was very painful, and every time I go now I am scared to death that another will form. The fear of that is worse than the actual discomfort now. I can't imagine going 12-15 times a day with a fissure, I would have to stop eating for sure.

My hope now is that the imuran will fully kick in soon and will heal up the rectal area. I think the reason I am passing some solid stool now is that other areas of my colon have healed somewhat. Once everything heals I should be much better. One would think that once the D started settling down, so would the frequency, but I guess that's too much to ask. To make matters worse, I was given iron supplements a few weeks back and it made the crampings and goings even worse, and it was barely tolerable as it was. So I had to stop taking the iron tablets, and maybe get started on iron injections in the future. Hope things get better for you.

Thanks for the posts everyone. I think a call to my GI is in order. I don't know why I keep putting it off. After getting my fistulas essentially healed, I have been feeling pretty well and it's almost like admitting defeat. Stupid, I know. I do appreciate all of you input and advice. I will keep you posted on what I find out.
If it does turn out to be a stricture, a simple baloon dilation will give you immediate relief. Glad to hear that you are going to make an appointment - wise decision:)
I know exactly what you're talking about. I have that urgency and get to the bathroom and have to strain to start going to the bathroom. Once I get started I get these cramping type spasms causing me to strain a lot to keep going. Then it seems to turn to diarrhea. There is also a good deal of blood in the stool as well. I sit there for a little and leave the bathroom only to have to rush in no more than 5 minutes later because of these cramping spasms causing my intestines to contract hard again. Sometimes this continues and a 3rd trip is necessary. After finished though I feel ok but my stomach feels uneasy and a little painful. My question is does anyone else feel these spasms in their intestine that causes them this problem?
yes I have this problem....I have severe chrons colitis and am definitly not in remission! About to start stem cell therapy as all else has failed...
When I was diagnosed last year I had been having thin, soft but hard to pass stools and when I had my colonoscopy there was no sign of strictures so I am really hoping that that is still the case and it's all just due to inflammation. I'm in the worse shape I have been in since i became ill at the moment and I dont have diarrhoea at all but holy cow the pain when I have a poo is excrutiating! And often makes me vomit as well as feeling completely awful for a while afterwards. Soooo, I guess it could be due to a stricture, but it could also just be due to inflammation....either way it's probably not a bad idea to get checked out, good luck :)
I have definitely had this same straining sort of urgency that felt like diarrhea, but then turned into hard to pass little grean beans. Then the burn would make it hard to sit, lay, walk, etc. All I know is that its crohn's. Thanks for the post.
that goose-bump-shaky-sweaty-crampy thing- i know all too well- i also had crohns in the rectum and descending colon- doesn't sound like remission to me i'm afraid, if i had that on a daily basis i would say the crohns is pretty much active.

my GI used to prescribe me laxatives (mild /natural ones) - it used to annoy me because i used to go about 10 times a day but it may help speed the bowel up a bit.