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Crohns in the large intestine?

Hello everyone! This may sound like an odd question but bare with me lol, I was dx'ed with crohns in my large intestine near the end of it being the worst, and my small intestine was completely clear according to the colonoscopy. It seems to me so many people on here have Crohns in their small intestine, just wanted to know, is it more common?
Its common and some doctors refer to it as Crohn's Colitis as the Crohn's is only in the large intestine. I have it just like you do.

I find that I get really inflamed and I get in a lot of pain but I dont have as much diarrhea as the crohnies that have it in their small intestine. Also rectal pain is no picnic.


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Lydia is right on. My Crohn's is currently limited to the colon and rectum. I don't have D, but I get the abdominal aches and pains and pain in my rectum. And right now, my bum has really been hurting, too! Ugh!


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I'm another member of the Crohn's Colitis club :D Yeah it's pretty common it seems. My inflammation likes to move around with each flare but currently I'm in the same position as you; it's the last 40cm that are causing me problems. Hope you're having some success with your treatment x
thats also how i have my crohns. rectum sigmoid. some patchy parts throughout colon but mainly lower. lots of blood mucus d and LOTS of pain. i had a fistula forming in my sphincter