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Crohn's is still sticking around

crohn's is still sticking around

Hi there,
i hate to be a whiner but it's been three weeks still on preds 40mg and tapering off after 40mg to less each week .my right side is still flared up. i only can drink and eat liquids. when will the pain stop the only time i am not in pain is when i am asleep and this because of the pain killers but they helps little. i think i will go back to my gp and get more preds. it's so frustrating to be in this postition and the group of people here have been great. i am very glad i found this site because others are going through the same thing.
Scott - I would definitely talk to your doc. He has to know what it helping and what isn't. If you're still in this much pain, it sounds like you need a change.

Keep us posted.

Best wishes <3


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I agree with Jessica, it is time to reach out to your GI. You should be improving after 3 weeks of 40mg of pred.

I hope things turn around for you soon.