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Crohn's isn't always a bad thing.

Over the past two and a half decades, I'm thirty two now, I have come to just with this disease. I'd Crohn's for almost my whole life, you could say I don't know any better or what it's like living without Crohn's. Either way it's just part of my life. Sure it's not always been a life filled with candy cane, unicorns, rainbows, and all that other fun stuff. But through all of my 20+ surgeries and 100+ hospitalizations I honestly can't complain to much about this disease. Life is a long rollercoaster ride. All the lows in life we experience because of crohn's should only help you appreciate and be thankful for everything that is wonderful in this world.
Through out all my school I had a free pass to just get out of class and "use the bathroom." I would take advantage of entitlament all the time. I've gotten out of a few speeding tickets, and all the great attention I would get from the "ladies" because I was a poor sick little guy.... wait, did I say that? I'm married now, it was fun while that lasted as a teenager. :ybiggrin:
Most of all I have met a lot of great people through this journey. The best of this story has not been written yet. Where ever my path leads me, good or bad, I am ready to meet it all head on with excitment.


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Welcome to the forum, Kossy. I think your attitude is terrific and is an inspiration to me. Please make yourself at home and join in the many discussions here. You're among friends! :)
Thank you Andi Girl!
I am actually a new/old memember. I was around back when this site started about six years ago. Then I kind of fell off the map here. I first got sucked to myspace and then later the facebook craze.
The other day i did a google search about something about Crohn's and a link to a thread from this website came up. It was then how far i have gotten away from my first support form and what a bunch of great people I have met here and all the great info I have recieved on here. So now I am back .
I wonder if anyone remembers me? I had the same screen name and I had the title of Forum Jester.


Your Story Forum Monitor
Hi Kossy and welcome! Thank you for sharing your story. It is so nice to hear that though having Crohn's can be challenging, life can still be wonderful! And you are right, if nothing else, it helps you to better appreciate the good times!

So glad you have returned to the forum! See you around!