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Crohns medication , looking for some answers

Hi everyone, i have found out that i have some fluid collection in my abdomen and that i also now have crohns in my cecum witch has now spread. My GI doc told me that we are stopping one of my meds for a while so im on imuran, lansoloc, pred and some other meds to. But my question is that what meds will he possibly put me on now? As it does sound that the meds i were taking did work? I hope someone can help me answer. Thanks for reading


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Hi Christi,
It's possible the doctor may start you on humira or Remicade.

I was put on imuran before starting Remicade. It has worked wonders for me.
I also need know this because i do need to figure this out with my GI and also need know what questions to ask with my next appointment


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Generally I'd be asking why one drug over another, side effects, severity of disease, longterm or short-term, is this a top down or bottom up approach.

Top down is most powerful drugs first to get things under control. Bottom up is the least powerful drug needed to get you into sustained remission.

I've had lots of complicationsover the years so top down (biological meds like Remicade) made the most sense. Under treated Crohn'scan cause problems ddown the road.

Best wishes.
For whatever it's worth, I agree with DJW's assessment. A top-down approach was necessary for me, and was worth the risk. I know risk tolerance is highly personal, but I knew I couldn't continue living with under-treated Crohn's, so I told my doctor to hit me with his best shot. Pun intended. I landed with Humira and it seemed to do the job. I believe in my case it stopped working just because things were already so bad that medicine just wasn't going to work, which landed me in the OR. I am still on Humira now and I wonder if it's just due to the surgery or the meds, but I feel great now. Worth talking to your doctor and insurance provider about.