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Crohn's mom looking for info

Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since I posted on these boards. My 2 sons were diagnosed with Crohn's in 2003 & 2004, respectively. I tell people that in 2003 a 800lb gorilla moved into my house. You wake up every morning and the first thing on your mind is "how will my boys feel today".

The older son (2003) is doing well and in remission. He has graduated college and married. The younger son (2004) has had a worse time of it. But, to his credit, he has managed to maintain a normal-ish life and just graduated from college as well. But, it's his issue I need answers about.

He is now 22 years old so I don't go to his Doc appts anymore so the info I get is through him. And...he is the type of person who nevers asks questions much to his Mom's annoyance. LOL The last 7 years of his life have been a series of pills, then a year of Humira, and then back to pills. Now, they added 6 weeks of prednisone.

His Crohn's is mostly in the lower colon and the chronic inflammation and scar tissue has caused a narrowing. He is scheduled for a colonoscopy and a procedure to fix the issue at the end of June.

Is this a stricture? It sure sounds like it from some of the other posts. I'm trying to get more info on what the procedure is and what his diet and care should be. Anybody know of any good links to get detailed info on how I can help? He lives at home and I want to make sure that I keep the right foods on hand and do what I can.


Just a Mom who wants to help.

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Hi there, from what I am reading it could be a stricture but a barium follow through and or colonscopy should show narrowing. IF there is narrowing the scope may not get through that happens alot. Prednisone is great short term, but he needs to find something that will work longer term. Can you tell us all the pills he has been on? If there is scar tissue and severe narrowing they may perform a laproscopic resection which is far less painful than the normal resection. Let us know what the tests reveal.
blkane--How nice for him he has you....I'll send hug to you...I think that is the toughest place to be...The one watching us be sick....Especially a parent. Good luck with the test. Sue