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Crohn's muscle weight loss diet?

Hello, I would like some advice from people who have more experience with Crohns. I was diagnosed with Crohns 2 years ago. They said it started with a case of C-Diff. The first 2 months I had C-Diff I lost 20lbs of muscle. Going from 170lbs to 150lbs. This past summer I was able to only put 7lbs back on up to 157lbs but recently lost 4lbs back to 153lbs (as I work in an elementary school so I am often fighting colds) After 2 years i have only put on a few pounds.

History Diet etc:

2. I was on Infliximab for 1 year but have been off of it for 7 months as I did not feel it was helping. The Dr. told me I would be able to eat whatever I wanted to when on infliximab but my diet did not improve.

3. My Crohns symptoms include cramps pain with digestion that is quiet painful. (Ulcerations in small bowel) Thankfully I do not get diarrhea unless I catch the flu. I tend to be more on the constipated side. If I don't follow my diet I get really bad cramps pain....

4. I have to avoid sugar, dairy processed foods.

5. Treatment: I have been surviving on something called the Karen Hurd Bean Protocol. It has saved me but I still cannot put weight back on. I am also on a few
supplements meant to aid digestion. THey are: Standard Process: Okra Pepsin E3 and Gastrex Plus: Alovea Immun.
*If I stick to this regimen I can stay out of pain but cannot put on weight......

1. Is this my new weight and I simply cannot put weight back on due my body changing from Crohns? My diet is limited to eggs, chicken, fish, brocolli, black beans, chex cereal, sometimes potatoes, white bread. *It has taken me a long time to establish this diet. Surprisingly it matched up very well with Karen Hurds
Bean Protocol so I have stuck with it for over a year with good results reducing or stopping all pain.

2. Has anyone lost weight with Crohns and then put it back on? Should I be trying other meds similar to infliximab to put weight back on?

Thanks for your time!
Has anyone lost weight with Crohns and then put it back on?
My weight fluctuates and reflects changes to my diet and symptoms. The symptoms definitely have an impact, but the diet in my case is more important. When I went on an SCD Diet and stopped eating carbohydrates I lost lots of weight. Since the diet was not helping me when I stopped, I was able to regain fast.

What is your daily calorie intake? Even with the dietary restrictions (no sugar/processed) you need to make sure you are getting enough.