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Crohns op then asthma

So I had 2 operations in September 2015 and October 2015- one a recession and the other to clear adhesions. Recovering well on the crohns side of things but realised my asthma has bagan flaring up. Last time my asthma was serious was when I was 8 and it hasn't been back since except recently. Been to the doctors given me steroids for 5 days and if it doesn't subsidie it will be treatment for asthma and Crohn's. Any similar stories or situations?
I have heard a theory that many cases of asthma are due to intestinal pathogens. I support this theory based on my personal experiences. I used puffers from about a year ahead of when my crohn's went active until about two years after remicade started. Didn't even notice somehow when I went from using one turbohaler a month to looking at one and realising that the meds had actually expired. Same time as my remission started.

There is one other thing that can contribute and it mimics asthma really well and it is the only thing I see now. When I get bloated it creates pressure in my abdomen that forces up on my lungs making it more difficult to breathe. Passing gas and having a good bowel movement help this out a lot. I do recall after my last surgery that when I started eating again, gas came back in a big way. I don't honestly recall what my breathing was like at that time, but it would have been about a week after surgery. If it is the gas, steroids likely won't do a thing for it. I remember well that an inhaler would get me about an hour's relief and then it was all back again. See if you can notice a pattern. It would be great if you don't really need the asthma meds to control this. I take a Beano with some foods and it does the trick for me. Best wishes.