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Crohns or colitis

Hello,I have an appointment with the GI in 5 days my doctor tginks it could be IBD but want to see what you guys think. For a few months now I have had very painful bowel movements to the point I want to cry or throw up.i have pain in the lower right abdomal pain,gas and bloating,night sweats,bloody diahorea,sometimes constipation,urgency to go but only a little comes out or mucus,very tired,have has near accidents and accidents
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It could be so many things. You really need all the tests to find out for sure. I had stool sample tests to check for C-diff and to check my Calprotectin level. I also had a blood draw. Then I had a colonoscopy/endoscopy with biopsies. And then I had a CT Scan with contrast. All this was done before my GI gave me a diagnosis of Crohn's on April 24th. If you feel like you need to, go to the Emergency Room. Sending you my support and hoping you feel better soon. 🌼


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It's not right that we should try to diagnose without you having tests.But I will say that your symptoms sound very familiar to me personally.Try to make a list of your symptoms,when and how long,diet etc to give to your GI.he will then discuss with you the tests that he thinks you need.If you're in the UK it could take up to 4-6wks for your appointment.Please let us know how you get on.