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Crohns or IBS


I am 22 male, and for a few years have had:

Stomach pains
Changes in appearance of stool shape/size
Mucus in stools

I was diagnosed with IBS, no real testing just based on symptoms,

Lately every few months I get:

1)Lower right sided pain near belly button, which can hurt more when I breath out far or stretch in certain positions. The pain can last a day or a few days.
2)No Diarrhoea/Constipation
3)Stools are usually normal or change shape like a longer thinner stool
4)Small amounts of mucus on stool
5)Lots of wind/gas
6)When I go to the toilet it can help relieve it a little

I am wondering if this sounds like Crohns at all, asking people who have it seem to be more reliable than the net!

Thanks :)
With crohns you get pain, maybe blood in stools, would get diarhoea or constipation for me it was constipation, do you throw up? Lose weight?

So what you have listed is similar and tbh ibs and crohns are similar in their symptoms


Hi andybonse and welcome to the forum! :D

There really aren't any set in stone symptoms for IBD as the members on the forum itself have proven. Some don't really have very many symptoms at all while others have severe symptoms. While diarrhea, abdominal pain, blood in stools, weight loss, nausea etc are common symptoms that doesn't mean everyone will have them.

If the treatments that have been offered to you for IBS are not helping then continuing with testing would be best to make sure you don't have a form of IBD and if you do then it can be treated properly. Yet for me I can't stand the idea of a diagnosis without any testing so if you feel that way as well then I encourage you to seek a second opinion (especially if that was a GI who diagnosed you with no tests). If it was a GP and they are unwilling to refer you to a GI specialist then seek out another GP to get a referral to a GI. Good luck and keep us posted. :)