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Crohns pain with or without having a flair

Jim (POPS)

Jim (Pops)
Antioch, Ca
I was wondering about others in here that may have pain most of the time and how they deal with it.
When I first found out I had crohn's I was in pain most of the time and when I told my GI about the pain he said that he will not treat the pain and I have to go to my PC Dr. Being I have spine issues and already take Norco 10/325 5-6 a day. After a lone time talking to my PC Dr. trying to get him to look at this as, Pain is Pain. Finaly they gave me so MS Contin 15mg ER so it would help me sleep and it has worked well.

My question is. If you have crohn's and pain most of the time, do you take pain meds? I'm 63 and I bring up to my Dr. that its all about the quality of life if pain meds work. I'm in pain most of the time with the spine issues and the crohn's keeps me in pain also. My knees hurt all the time along with my hands, feet and legs,

Please let me know if you are living in pain because of crohn's.

Hi pops. I am a 35 year old female and do live with pain from my Crohns on a daily basis. My GI won't give pain meds but my primary care doc did prescribe me percocets 3x a day ongoing after I told him I have no life - I spent all day everyday laying in bed with my heating pad. Maybe I won't need pain meds once they find the right combo of treatment meds that will work for me but they certainly have improved my quality of life for now. I was diagnosed about 4 years ago and have tried pentesa,Remicade and of course been on prednisone countless times. Right now I am in another flare and on 25mg prednisone taper, 150 aza ( Imuran ) and have a appt Monday with my GI to talk about adding Humira.If that doesn't work I'm not sure what will happen next but 4 years of pain and missing out on time with my children is very upsetting.Take the pain meds if you need them . I know they are not treating the disease but at least I'm not living in my bedroom anymore. Take care , Cheri


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Hi Jim! I'm sorry to hear you are in so much pain :hug:
Do you have pain management clinic by you that you can get referred to? There are other options besides narcotics that might work better for you
Miss chatting with you, hope your family is well
I do understand. I am on tramadol and oramorph. But this is a short term solution for me, I really don't want to me on pain meds long term. It is difficult because the pain can be debilitating. I tried acupuncture which I thought helped. It is worth looking at other things.
I am all new to this ( I keep saying this it's been over a year now though) and I'm still in pain and still not on the right medicines. Have been on too much prednisone in the past 10 months. I'm in pain now but do not want to go back on the pred. I will take a pain med all day long if it didn't give me terrible constipation. Hope you can find some relief .