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Crohns proctatis?!? Agonizing wait for a diagnosis

Hello guys,

I am new here. I am a 26 year old guy. And to be honest I have been hesitant to join any Crohn’s & Collitis Forums until I have a definitive diagnosis. But I just really feel like venting and getting some sort of support. I defo feel alone. Especially since my symptoms are sorta rare in the IBD world, or at least not common.

I have been experiencing symptoms since April. I started with fever, muscle pain, rectal pain, mucopurelent discharge, bleeding, and buttock and thigh pain/tingling/burning sensation. I went on to get tested for STI (I am gay homosexual). I am usually receptive so I screened for all the rectal STIs. They all came negative except Herpes-type 2. I started treatment but nothing got better. I did slowly start to feel better. No more mucopurent discharge or blood.
I asked to be referred to a GI specialist. I had a colonoscopy and CT scan. The CT scan showed irregular circumferential wall thickening of the mid-distal rectum, peri-rectal adenopathy and fat stranding. The colonoscopy showed three rectal ulcers but the biopsy was negative for Herpes. My GI specialist said that sometimes Herpes can be negative once the lesion starts to heal. He then added that a BIG if, is that it might be crohn’s disease. He also added that crohns disease of the rectum free standing on its own is rare. I have also read that crohn proctatis is not common. I was so confused and I am still very confused. I am still waiting for a diagnosis.
It’s so frustrating because I find it odd that a herpes diagnosis happens at the same time of a crohn’s diagnosis. Plus, no one in my family has IBD (mum has 12 siblings and dad has 9: plus like 80 first cousins). Also, the fact that I have never had rectal or GI problems, and the fact that crohns proctatis is rare just makes it’s all so weird.

I am currently experiencing only slight recital pain when I have stool in my rectum or during BMs. I have no bleeding at all. Just small yellow/brown mucus discharge that surrounds my stool. No diarrhea or abdomenal pain.

l am very confused. I just want a diagnosis and start treatment. The waiting is just so agonizing!

Have any of you guys experienced this? Thanks in advance for your help!!