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Crohns relocated - seeking advice

Greetings everyone - I am very grateful this site exists! I am seeking some advice. I was diagnosed with Crohns in 2012, confined to the terminal ileum. I was put on Entocort and Imuran, Took Imuran until I needed a TI resection in 2014. I have been taking Humira since then. Colonoscopy on Dec 24th found inflammation in my descending colon, so my GI put me on 5-ASAs and Cortiment and said he will put me on Prednisone if Cortiment doesn’t work.

So, I have few questions: does anyone know long it should take for Cortiment to work? How long does it take for 5-ASAs to work? I am also nervous about taking Prednisone – are sided effects as extreme as Dr Google says?

I am scheduled for a follow-up appoint with my GI soon and I am seeking some advice about what questions you think I should be sure to ask and what treatment options my specialist may suggest.

I would definitely appreciate any thoughts you can share.

5-ASA's may take up to 4 weeks to work. Cortiment has been tested for an induction of remission in less than 8 weeks. Your doctor will probably want you to keep taking them for 8 weeks before revaluating.
As of the Prednisone side effects...I struggle with this as well. Some drugs have very extreme side effects, but the probability of getting them is not very high. I think you need to take into account your current condition when deciding if it is worth taking the risk.
Thanks, Paulk, for the sound advice. It is reassuring to think that I may not get all of the lovely side effects of pred if I am put on it. And thanks also for the information about my new meds. That helps me to be more patient.