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Crohns remission but still getting symptoms.


So I've been on Azathioprine for nearly 7 months now and according to my blood and stool tests my Crohns is in remission. However I am still getting days where I'm severely fatigued and was also was off work due to bad cramping 2 weeks ago, for 3 days.

I'm so confused here. One minute they say I'm in remission and the next I'm still having issues.

Can you still get episodes when you are in remission? I'm always tired wholich is the worst thing.


I don't know that I have THE answer for you, but I will say that this is a chronic disease, and I think you can expect to become fatigued more easily and/or more often than other people.

Have your iron and Vitamin B12 levels been checked? Both of these tend to be low in people with Crohn's. You don't want to overdo either vitamin, because both can be toxic in excess, but if you don't have enough, you're gonna feel really tired.

When I first learned I had Crohn's, I started taking a liquid spray B12, and it made night and day difference for me. Once my gut was close to normal and my blood B12 levels returned to normal, I stopped taking it. You want a spray so the B12 can absorb into your gums. Many Chronies have a compromised gut that can't absorb it properly.

My other thought here is that while your blood and stool levels may be low, you might still have some residual inflammation that is giving you problems. You also may need to examine your diet and track what you eat to see if there is something in particular that bothers you.

Working out regularly also benefits people w/ Crohn's by helping manage stress and modulating the immune system.

And, my final question is, do you know if you have permanent strictures in your intestine?
I am in remission, and I also feel fatigue. I read on a Crohn’s site that even though in remission, fatigue can still remain.
In my case, it started after a chemo treatment a couple years ago; it upset my whole system. The fatigue was severe, on and off, but always tired in between. A year has passed, and I noticed that the fatigue is not as severe and if I rest, I recover quicker than last year. I also started on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which was the best treatment I could have. I am in remission and off meds. My GI doesn’t seem interested in the diet, but says to continue if it works. I just had a colonoscopy two weeks ago and there is no inflammation, so the diet works. But the fatigue remains. It is a slow process. I see that most people don’t mention the fatigue, but saw your post and wanted to mention my experience.