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Crohn's skin tag surgery recovery

Hi everyone. I recently had several anal skin tags removed from complications with my Crohn's. I feel better now but my anus stings really bad. Does anyone know any topical remedies that work? I've tried lidocaine, desitin, and hydrocortisone ointment and all have not helped.
Hey there! I have the same problem, except for the fact that it was a skin tag on scrotum. I got it removed by a doctor, at first it was ok, but after some time it started to sting, really bad, so I decided to look for some remedies for this pain, since I am against all the pharmaceutical drugs, to me they are just some simple medications but overpriced, so I found some natural remedies, as baking soda + castor oil, apple cider vinegar and so on. But the most helpful one was the tea tree oil, it calmed the skin, that the pain little by little was gone, I hope this could help you as well.
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If theres inflammation you need steroids. I found witch hazel can help a bit but most over the counter stuff is useless without prednisone.