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Crohn's troubles - vacation tomorrow, Help!

So about 3 weeks ago i was hospitalized for a blockage which they managed to clear up with steroids, I'm still on prednisone for another week and scheduled to start remicade wednesday.

Today however I'm feeling some minor pains off and on exactly where the blockage pain was. And i just used the bathroom and saw a small amount of blood.

Good news is i guess i'm not blocked if i'm still going.

Doctors office is already closed, just missed them, and I'm supposed to get on a plane to new york at 6am, I live in florida and will be back on tuesday.

What should I do? Just hope for the best and go?

I've been fine since the week I got out of the hospital and now this right before i go on vacation. :ybatty:
One of our major challenges as Crohnies is trying to lead a "normal" life while dealing with Crohn's. My two cents -- don't shut down your trip. Go ahead and travel, watch your diet very carefully, and before you go, map out the emergency rooms near your location. Then you have a safety net if you do have a rough time. Oh, and check your health care benefits and be sure you know how to handle an out of town ER visit.
Be reasonable and honest with yourself. If you don't think you can last until you are back, don't go. Otherwise, make sure you have trip insurance. As someone who has flown from Poland to Canada with a partial obstruction, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Take care, and travel safe if you go.
I managed to get a hold of my GI he couldn't say much, he pretty much said my best bet is to go to the ER and get checked out for a blockage.

I know the ER is going to be like 10 hours to check that. Man this sucks.

Its such a tough call because i know i've waited things out before with crohns pains and for the most part disappears completely within a day or two.
Yea as of right now im deciding to go. The pain is very minor so far and I only feel it randomly every 30 min to an hour.

Im on prednisone now as it is and I feel like theres a good chance it will pass.

Im gonna eat some bland foods some chamomile tea and rest and reevaluate it in the morning.

Any suggestions on anti inflammatory foods/beverages I should be eating?
Or would I be better off not eating until 2morrow