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Crohn's veteran from Portland, OR

Greetings from the Pacific NW,

A few months ago had my latest surgery. Had a bunch of my ileum and that all important valve to the colon removed in 2000 and last year had a resection of my decending colon. Went in to surgery thinking they would remove the entire colon but ended up just taking out 7 inches. Anyhow not sick feeling anymore but been deeling with the big D and lots of trips to the bathroom. Trying to find a right mix of diet, meds, lifestyle etc to get me regular again and start living life again.

Right now I am on Humira. I have been on Remicade, Imuran, Pentasa, Prednisone, sulphites, and probably more that I forgot about. Diagnosed back in 1994. I am 31 now. Interested in LDN so any feedback on that would be appreciated. Also feedback on how to do body work on a 1998 Ford Ranger would be helpful.

Happy Trails.


Hi flavrphil
and welcome

We have a LDN sub forum here on the boards, you'll find all your answers there!
Sorry can't help you with the car tho!
lotsa luv
Joan xxx
No advise on LDN as I have not been there yet. As for the Bronco, I thought that was a horse? ;)
Just wanted to welcome you to the forum.
Thanks. I am a transplant from wearecrohns.org (site got hacked and everyone left). Glad to see there is another site out there.