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Hi-I have been reading your forum for weeks now, ever since my son showed it to me. I have only now decided to join and post since seeing several posts from parents of crohns patients. My son was diagnosed in January of 2007. He was 19 at the time and away at college, 1400 miles from home. The college infirmary sent him to the hospital believing he had acute appendicitis. We were very fortunate that the ER surgeon to pick up his case is one of the leading Crohns surgeons in the United States. That allowed him to get not only proper treatment, but to obtain a tentative diagnosis in a matter of days. Turns out by the time he was hospitalized the disease had been active for quite sometime. He already had a large abcess and extensive inflammation and stricturing in the ileocecal area. He was discharged on Cipro and Flagyl and had a colonoscopy a few weeks later that confirmed the diagnosis. Since the damage was already quite extensive his doctors advised him to consider surgery. He opted to complete the semester at school and schedule his surgery for May when exams were over. The next few months were very very difficult-many weeks of not being to eat solid foods, on and off Prednisone, and lots of excruciating pain. My husband and I made 6 trips up to Boston from January to May.
On a high note however, he had the surgery in May, and it was a true G-dsend!!!
Within 2 days he was eating solids, and from there just has been feeling better and better. It has really given him his life back. They removed 7-8 inches of intestine, a large mass, and his appendix. His surgeon is a miracle man-the scar is not even 3 inches long.
He is presently on a ten day backpacking excursion through the British Isles-a trip he saved up for and one well deserved I believe.
However, I know this is a chronic illness, and can only hope that he has a nice long remission. He will be scoped again in October to monitor any recurrances, and we just have to take it from there. This is probably the hardest thing for a parent to live with-illness in their child. My heart truly goes out to those of you out there dealing with this illness yourselves or in your children. I am only now beginning to calm down enough not to jump every time the phone rings!
I have been impressed with the quality of the posts and discussions in this forum and look forward to being a part of it.
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Welcome to the forum.

I am glad your son had so much improvement. I wish i could take the backpacking tour also. Always wanted to see England and all of its historic landmarks and territories.

If you have any questions ask away. There are people with experience with just about any aspect of Crohn's.

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Thanks for the warm welcome. My husband and I are jealous also-his brief text messages make it sound like he is having a great time.
I have been reading all the diverse opinions about surgery for the past several months-I can only say that for my son it was a true miracle since the damaged area was beyond being helped by any type of drug therapies. The surgeon said that it was very localized however, and that he appearred completely clean of any inflammation anywhere else-that was the good news. He is not on any medication now and eating like a champ-finally regaining some of the weight he has lost.
Looking forward to being a part of this community.


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Hi Ramona,

Nice to see you feel you can post now. Welcome to the forum. Any thoughts or questions you have feel free to add to the threads! Many minds make for great thoughts.

It has been pouring with rain here today so I hope your son didnt get too wet! I have family over from Canada at the mo and my aunt phoned to say her grandsons were soaked this morning :)

So pleased your son is doing well and able to get on with things. He deserves the holiday! Looking forward to hearing from you more.

new normal?

My son returned to the states on Saturday-reports he had an amazing and wonderful trip-so happy for him!He is back at college and returns to his summer job in the lab there today. Reports he is feeling great.
My dilema is how to return to a new kind of normal after 6 months of living in a crisis mode, constantly worrying and jumping on and off planes to be there to help him attend to his medical needs. It actually is worse that I know so much about this (I am an RN who for the past 8 years teaches science in the public school system) Now that he has returned to his life I am having a hard time backing off and trusting that he knows the signs to look for and how to take care of himself. Realistically I know this is a bit nuts since he is a very bright and extremely responsible young man of 20, but I guess the mother thing overrides all realistic analysis of the situation.
I would so appreciate any input on this, especially from any other parents out there.
Thanks again for offering a place to talk so openly about all the ramifications of this disease and its effects on every area of your life.


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Hmmm, how to stop worrying over your kids? sort of like crohns'.. no known cure. At best, you can look forward to periodic remissions.. OK, kidding aside.. from 1 parent to another.. worrying is the price of admisson to the parent's club, which no one has the decency to warn you about till after you're a member. Now, as a nurse, you are in a position to realize that worry, stress, etc.. takes a very real toll.. and it seems to be you under the most stress for the past six months or so.. Wanna be there when HE really needs you? then, take a breather... relax, de-stress.. treat him as if he was a patient... and you are at the end of your shift. he'll be alright until he needs you... and when he does. he knows how to get you..
RIGHT? RIGHT! I know this sounds a bit trite.. but there's a lot of truth in it, ok?
I love your analogy about treating him as a patient and my being at the end of my shift-that not only makes sense, but frames it in a way I can relate to both emotionally and intellectually. Thanks for the great advice!


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Who me??? How did that happen? must have had an 'off' day. Enuff bad jokes for the moment... glad to be of help. hope all goes well. Let us know how you make out