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Crossfit with a stoma

I've had Crohn's since i was 8 (I'm 34 now) and ended up having Ileostomy surgery in April of this year. I've always been very active and have really been dying to get back to working out at my Kettlebell & Crossfit gym. I was wondering what anyone else with an ileostomy who does these types (or similar) workouts wears for support? I purchased a Stealth Belt but haven't tried it yet. I'm a little nervous about the bag coming loose or something while I'm doing pull-ups or whatever. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
Hi,I have an illeo to I am quite active so use a convetec active bag it has double stick.they work great for me,I'm not doing any major exercises I'm a cleaner at our hospital 6 hours a day 3x week,, and have got back into riding horses again all with the illeo I have a hernia round stoma I have a hernia belt,just take it slow and listen to your body,I know when I've done to much,good luck