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Crossfit with a stoma

I've had Crohn's since i was 8 (I'm 34 now) and ended up having Ileostomy surgery in April of this year. I've always been very active and have really been dying to get back to working out at my Kettlebell & Crossfit gym. I was wondering what anyone else with an ileostomy who does these types (or similar) workouts wears for support? I purchased a Stealth Belt but haven't tried it yet. I'm a little nervous about the bag coming loose or something while I'm doing pull-ups or whatever. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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Sorry Jackson I'm not overly active myself. I guess the stealth belt is worth trying, or anything that helps hold the bag closer to your stomach. Also putting extra tape around the edges. Try doing a few exercises at home first to see if they affect the seal.
And remember to be careful at first as you will be prone to developing a hernia because of the surgery. It could be a good idea to wear a hernia belt, it will help guard against a hernia and also help keep the bag well stuck on.
Have fun.


I bought a stealth belt when I first got my stoma and hated the darn thing...I didn't like that your bag had to sit sideways in the pouch. It didn't work for me.

When I'm active, I just wear nasty granny panties that hold my bag close to my body...lol They're not very pretty, but they're tight enough to keep things in place while still allowing things to move if need be.

Don't go crazy with the stomach exercises at first as you can develop a hernia pretty quickly doing that. Take it slow and easy.
Hey jackson I'm posting because I was searching for ostomates that crossfit and what they use just so I could get some ideas. For me now I've been WOD'ing with a stealth belt and ostomy armor on top. The stealth belt is use for sweat and to cover my wafer if i take my shirt off and the ostomy armor to protect from trauma and I think it helps prevent herniation. I squat 240-270# without a belt and never even worry about herniation. as far as the stealth belt i got one that held the bag downwards and one sideways. I use the down one for workouts in case i eat before and can empty easier. I find during a hard WOD I don't function much if at all. mostly not at all. The ostomy armor is an amazing thing, i've tried all kinds of belts but the armor i can cinch it down, I can wrestle, do power cleans, snatches, bar muscle ups, i've even taken a few kicks to the gut and it takes it. check them out. I even got the va to buy it for me because it helps me with my ability to do my new job as a firefighter.

My question to you is, have you found any systems that can take the movements we do well and not loose the seal around the stoma itself, u know the KB swings, rowing, GHD's TTBs, all those crunchy/twisty motions. I feel like when i finish 60 toes to bar i know that there is leakage starting almost immediately and i prepare to change the device as soon as i can. AND I use a an eakin slim ring, and paste. Any brands, or tricks?
Thanks :)
@sirjic your post is helpful. Keeps me hopeful to return to my olympic lifts. Currently 9 weeks post surgery and back in the gym at 50% of original strength. I will look into the ostomy armour too.
I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd bump it, just had the surgery about 2 months ago, I own a crossfit gym and was wondering what folks found worked for lifting/working out
@easy_e I originally posted 3 years ago just before you. I currently work full time in a gym and I practice and coach olympic lifts. I use coloplast brand for my ileostomy stoma and what I have found works best for me is adding coloplast's additional strips on top of the base plate. This forum will not allow me to post the link but you can search them.

They have 3 different styles. I ask for the oversized, curved strips. They don't peel after several days of lifting, sweating and showering and don't leave any harsh skin irritations. I made it 1 week before they needed to be changed. I was pretty frustrated before finding these.

The only issue I find with lifting now is keeping the bar close in a snatch pull.

Hope this helps and please add any progress you have had.
Great to find this thread. I had surgery 7 weeks ago and am missing the box.

I am currently just a temp with my colostomy as I found out the hard way I had diverticulitis which required emergency surgery. Still coming to grips with it all, but with the reversal surgery not occurring until at least the end of November, I am looking everywhere for guidance on how to return to the box.