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Does anyone else seem to have a static CRP.... usually no matter how sick I am the most my CRP has been (until my current flare) is 6..... on this flare its raised, not massively but for me its pretty high.

Anyone else get this?

Also has anyone else had a raised ALT with a flare? My ALT is sky high with this flare, docs said it can also be an inflammatory marker but in my years of training of not heard of that.....
I'm not diagnosed or treated yet but my CRP has been 22-25 for 4 years and last 2 readings were 36 and 28.

I think though alot of people on here have had normal bloods despite active disease.
Mine usually sits at just under 1, even when I've got an obvious problem. I read that ~10% of Crohn's patients don't show significantly elevated CRP levels. Unfortunately, less experienced Doctors can be misled by this type of result.
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My CRP doesn't seem to be trustworthy, either. The first time I had it checked was when I was in a flare and it was normal (I wasn't told what the number was but it was apparently less than 8, as my GP said anything higher than 8 would be considered above normal). Then, a few months ago while I was not flaring and feeling fine, my CRP came back as 17. So I don't know why that is, that it's normal when I'm flaring and a bit high when I'm feeling good!
Yeah, you need to be careful about the actual units used to make the measurement or comparison. You can't just rely on the number, I should have been more specific earlier. Not all labs, in all countries, use the same measure or have the same "normal" range. E.G. 1 inch is only one twelfth of 1 foot. Hope that makes sense?
To be honest i never really take much notice of CRP, mine was 59 in Dec when i was flaring, then more recently it was higher despite me feeling ok :S

Blood tests alone can never be used to diagnose Crohns, i understood they are more for monitoring activity in established patients, ive read also that CRP levels can be higher if your pregnant or take the birth control pill or even obese.

Interestingly my ALT level in dec when i had that CRP was 13, and it says 0-41 is normal, i know it measures something in the liver but didnt think it was relevent?
It is a marker of liver cell damage, but according to the docs when i was in it can go up in inflammation too..... not heard of that myself though and I'm not exactly ignorant to medical topics......
ALT is one of the Liver enzymes and not directly a measure of ongoing inflammatory problems. It's more likely to be used as an indicator of what your drug treatments are are doing to the Liver.
Well yes textbook wise that is true, but apparently it can go up due to inflammation too..... my partner is a doc and he says he's seen that happen before although it isn't common....

And with me, my ALT and CRP started to fall again at the same time despite no change in my medication.... so apparently it is an inflammatory marker too! :)
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Liver enzymes can go up with just CD..mine did, whereas my esr and crp have always been normal.. They settled with azathioprine which is a bit bizarre...gastro just said they were a marker like platelets, ferritin etc