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CT and MRI Scans for Crohn's

Hi guys,

I have crohn's since 2008 and i had my ups and downs, currently I'm having possible inflammation while using vedolizumab but this is not my issue here.
Through the years I have been asked to do CT or MRI scans and every time i do it, it doesn't provide enough information for my doctor to take decision. they usually asks for colonoscopy or some blood test for my medicine anti-bodies, is there any one here who have similar experience or know what these scans provide about our beloved disease?

Thank you very much, wish you all lengthly remission to the point you do not remember your doctor name😂
MRI can be extremely useful for seeing the length of inflammation in the small intestine, for seeing where and how much intestinal thickening there is, and for visualizing strictures, fistulas, and abscesses.
I understand that the scan gives information regarding these issue but does it give enough picture to take decision? change of medicine or need of surgery? my doctors will always ask for colonoscopy after the scan to take one of these decisions.
Well if they see an abscess, for example, then something else needs to be done about it. Strictures and fistulas may also need other treatments like surgery.

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Most Gi required both MRE and colonoscopy /upper endoscopy.
It’s not that the MRE does give enough information
But the gastrointestinal tract is very long
Crohns can affect from the mouth to the anus .
Scopes only look at a portion of the Gi tract and MRE scans look at the portion the scopes can’t see
Some also use a capsule endoscopy
The Gi needs to see the entire Gi tract in order to present the best options to the the patient

it’s not one or the other .

they do both at the same time for ds
Scope first then MRE (but he needs admired for MRE due to contrast allergy )
thank you very much, this makes sense. I didn't know the scope of MRE and colonoscopy, I wish my doctor explain this to me instead of giving vague response. what do you mean by contrast allergy? :unsure:
Contrast allergy refers to the gadolinium, or similar, drug injected to allow the intestines to be visualised via MRI.

It's not generally known, but ultrasound - when used by those with the correct training - can show equal, if not better, images of the intestines. It's a shame it's not more widely used at diagnosis / early stage disease leaving the more invasive procedures for when they are really needed.