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CT Scan Result

I got my ct scan result yday from my GI. He told me no inflammation or fissures. There was only cysts on my ovaries. He said I should follow up with my gyno about the cysts that could be causing the pain I am having. And after that follow up with him. But the thing is prior to seeing my GI, I was seeing a fertility specialist and the pain all started after I did a test to check my Fallopian tubes which requires me to take several ibuprofen before and after the test. I went back to my fertility specialist twice after I started experiencing the pain. And nothing was abnormal. I feel like the right side pain I am experiencing is related to my small intestine but yet is not showing up on the tests except the 5mm ulcer in the ileum but it "cleared up" when i did the pill cam. I don't know what to do....my family seem to think it's all in my head. my boyfriend thinks I am going to the hospital every month and bringing bad vibes back into the house. He said it's not that he don't want to be supportive but I am making a big deal every time something small is happening. I feel like I haven't been happy ever since I dealing with this. I just want to know and figure out what's wrong so I can get better but I feel like im not getting no where....what do i do from here on?


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Well, it would be very good news to not have any Crohn's or UC. Those are serious, incurable diseases. But I certainly understand wanting to have a diagnosis. At least then you know what you are dealing with.

I suggest you do just what the GI said: follow-up with your gynecologist about the ovarian cysts. See if dealing with those cysts makes your pain go away.
My path to diagnosis involved a fecal calproctectin, which was 65, followed by a CT scan, which was completely normal, followed by a colonoscopy, which showed ulcers and inflammation at the terminal ileum.

It seems to me if you do have Crohn's you are not showing any physical signs on testing. My advice to you would be to take a watch and wait and see approach. If it is Crohn's it will eventually show physical evidence.

However, I am wondering if your pain could be related to the cysts and the ulcer could have been caused by the ibroprofen? You might also want to get tested for SIBO? I know how you feel though. All my tests for Crohn's have normalised since starting treatment but I still get symptoms suggesting inflammation, such as right side pain. It's a tough place to be in.