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Cumulative effects of anesthesia?

Hey everyone,

Wondering if anyone else has had concerns about the effect that general anesthesia has on you the more you are put under. I would say since 2012 I have been put under general 8 times (with 1 medically induced coma of over a week) and noticed on my last time that I had a difficult time with coming out of it, mainly my pulse ox was having a difficult time getting above 90 and I remained foggy for a longer period of time than I normally would. Now this could have been that I was put into a deeper state, or is it that it builds up over time? A friend of mine in a similar position had the same thing happen to him recently.

It is a bit concerning, especially when I have a surgery coming up in 2 weeks, which will be the 9th time under general since 2012 and the 4th time this year. Thoughts?

Thanks! :thumleft:
Maybe you could speak to the doctor about your concerns
Oh I have, they put a note in the file for the anesthesiologist to review day of surgery to see if maybe it's a medication issue or something else, they're gonna take a look into it