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Who is using Curcumin for their IBD?
I’ve been taking a fairly low dose, only 500mg/day. But in researching more it looks like the therapeutic dose is quadruple that amount, 2g/day.

I’m running out of medical options and have now been thinking more about surgery for a mid ileum stricture about 15-20cm long. Hoping this will help until then!


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For over a year now I have been mixing a teaspoon of ground Curcumin found in the seasoning section of the grocery store into a glass of cold water on an empty stomach between breakfast and lunch and have had a profound improvement in my symptoms.
Update - had to stop the curcumin a week prior to double balloon enteroscopy since it’s a blood thinner. Feeling better off of it!


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I had to stop taking low dose aspirin after 6 months of being on Curcumin. My blood pressure would swing too much making me feel like crap. Now I am doing very well.