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Hi friends,

I just want to share my story, in case it can shed some light or help others.

Anal fistula in 2004, did not heal completely after fistulotomy, but I decided to move on as it did not compromise my life rutines. So every so often I would noticed some local inflammation due to fistula infection that would not go beyond that and would somehow cure in its own.

In 2011 I started passing mucus, either alone or mixed with stools. I was diagnosed with IBD (undetermined) around 2011 and mesalazine suppositories would stop appearance of mucus after 6-week treatment. The episodes of mucus would come back every 2-4 months after remission.

It has been now 5 months since I decided to treat my fistula again, and unlike the first procedure, now it seems to have healed. Ever since, I have not passed mucus, and I have a strong feeling that mucus was pus discharge from the fistula. Even my bowel habits seem to have improved and return to normal.

In conclusion, my feeling is that I was mistakenly diagnosed IBD, and that mucus was "just" pus discharge.
Forgot to mention, calprotectin levels were always high in relapses, but I now wonder if these were triggered by the fistula inflammation, and not gut inflammation


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How was the fistula treated the second time? Another surgery? Also, if you did not have IBD, what do you and/or your doctor think caused the fistula in the first place?
With a collagen plug. Regarding the last question, it started as an internal abscess, turning into a fistula with time. By then, Drs. never considered IBD, but a fistula caused by an initial abscess.


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It is great to see that you are doing better! Have your doctors suggested any monitoring going forward to make sure that this is definitely not inflammatory bowel disease related and doesn't reoccur? I hope you continue to feel well and can continue to heal but do think
On-going monitoring would be beneficial.