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Cushings syndrome

Hey everyone,
Today i went to go see my GI and after running all the normal tests, he told me and wrote on my report that i have something called cushings syndrome. I read up on it a little and I think from what I understand it can be caused by a long term use of prednisone though I am not sure. Does anyone else have this, or can explain it better to me, just the name scares me lol
Thanks in advance


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Hi Naddie,

Cushings Syndrome can have various causes and is the name given to the collective physical symptoms that occur when there is prolonged exposure to the hormone cortisol. For some people a malfunction in the body itself causes this to occur or, as in your case, it is due to the prolonged use of Prednisone. As far as I am aware, when it is caused by the use of Prednisone once the drug is withdrawn the symptoms should slowly disappear.

Dusty. :hug:


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PS. I think quite a few members here at some time could well have been described as having Cushings Syndrome when taking Prednisone.

Dusty. :)