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Cycling, hydration and energy supplements ?

My Crohn's is being managed by humira, I still get the occasional flare up but at least I’m not doubled over in agony when I get them. The problem is, I enjoy road cycling and I am finding it hard to find a diet that works to give me the energy to perform well whilst out riding.
Electrolytes are certainly a no go with me. (No Colestomy bag in existence is big enough for when I tried them on a ride!)
With this gloriously hot weather at the moment and a 100 mile competitive ride in two weeks time, can anyone recommend any energy and hydration techniques tha will not cause problems, remembering that I can’t take bulky food items on a ride.
Thank you
Hi Steve

Have you ever tried glucose tablets? I relied on these heavily for months to keep me going day to day, although I don’t have a colostomy so I apologise if you’ve tried these and had issues!

I’m guessing you’re in the UK going by the weather reference? I hope you’re enjoying the heatwave and managing to stay well!

All the best