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Cyclobenzaprine + Toradol

I'm curious guys...I've been having a bout of some bloody diarrhea for the last few days and some stomach cramps, and I'm pale as a ghost. Signs of a minor flare for sure. But I also have been taking Cyclobenzaprine for a major back ache for the last 3 days and 3 nights ago I got a shot of Toradol while at the ER.
Have you guys ever had your flares triggered by either of these drugs?
It's so hard to tell if it's just side effects of the meds or if it's a flare :/

Crohn's Mom

When my daughter was in the hospital after her surgery, the best pain med to help her was Toradol, it was like magic for her pain. Then, they ran her bloods the next morning (routine) and her RBC counts had dropped by almost half! They determined it was the Toradol and had to stop it immediately, then everything returned to normal. Do you think this could be the cause by any chance ? did the bloody diarrhea start after the Toradol ?

HOpe you feel better ! :)


Staff member
I'd say its a possibility but I'd never dismiss blood in my stool and would contact my GI anyway.
I take cyclobenzaprine (flexeril) before bed every night, have been on it for several years now and haven't noticed any change in my crohn's because of it.