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Dad of an 8yr old with Crohns

Our son was diagnosed when he was 7yrs old in 11/2021 at UNC childrens after being sick with atypical Crohn’s symptoms; after lots of tests was started on Avsola.

I have a question for those of you experienced with Remicade/Infliximab/Avsola

In your knowledge/experience/opinion how much does this affect the immune system? What happens if he gets strep, flu, cold, etc. We’re really struggling with this right now (worry/anxiety).


my little penguin

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Hugs sorry you had to be here
But I can say my kiddo (now adult )
Was dx at age 7
Started remicade at age 8
Humira at age 9
Added methotrexate to humira around age 10
Started Stelara in 2017 plus methotrexate
So now age 18

10 years of biologics while in school
Around other kids
My non ibd kiddo got sick more (colds cough etc..) than my biologic taking kiddo

they are not more likely to catch a cold or the flu
However if they catch the flu /COVID etc they ARE more likely to develop a secondary infection such as pneumonia (known as a opportunistic infection) since they don’t have as many reserves

my kiddo got a flu shot every year
We scheduled it half way in between shots or infusions of his biologic

otherwise no real issues

he did get a lot of strep throat but he needed his tonsils out for a young age
Those came out at age 9 while on humira
Fixed that problem

it’s normal to worry but
These kids have an over active immune system so this normalizes it a bit

my kiddo did competitive swimming for years while on biologics
Attended public school
Played in the orchestra etc
So crohns doesn’t stop your kid from being a kid and biologics don’t make it so your child suddenly catching all illness

hugs 🤗

my little penguin

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Forgot to say the few times he did get sick enough to have a fever or need an abx
We held the biologic for 24-48 hours until fever free or the abx was working
Not a big deal