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Data Mining the Distribution of Drugs Mentioned by IBD Patients on crohnsforum.com

I can't post the entire article here because of the graphics for the charts so here's the link. This is the first paragraph:

"There’s a difference between the drugs commonly prescribed for IBD (Crohn’s and Colitis) and the set of drugs commonly taken by IBD patients. A simple example is to consider an IBD patient suffering from abdominal pain and can’t sleep. A typical course of drugs would not only be pain medication but also sleep medication. A few resources on the Internet do an adequate job of discussing the drugs taken for IBD symptoms and remission maintenance but there aren’t any resources which examine the distribution of drugs taken by IBD patients. This article attempts to quantitatively examine the distribution of drugs taken by IBD patients. I’ve done a meta-analysis using what patients contribute to a popular IBD discussion board called crohnsforum.com. The aim is to count the mentions of drug categories, generic drugs, and drugs mentioned by their trade names. I collected Google results using a site specific search. (Example: “azathioprine” site: crohnsforum.com) The Results mentioned refer to the number of search results found by Google using the above mentioned site specific search. Quotation marks were used in each query."