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Dating at 40 with Crohns

Hey guys,

first post 👋
So I just turned 40 and got diagnosed with crohns when I was 17.
At 18 I had a metre of my small intestine removed - which was the best thing ever as I have lived a normal life since.
the only thing is my reliance on having a toilet nearby.
I take colestyramine which gives me a pretty normal life but I’m psychologically different to a ‘normal’ person’
I’ve been in long term relationships that I’ve ended as I don’t think it’s fair that they have to put up with the mental bullshit that I have to because of the worrying about being near a toilet all the time.

my question is to those in the same boat. Is it better to just be solo. Or try and find someone who understands - but is it fair on them?