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Dealing with abscesses

I have a problem abscess. I'm not sure exactly how long the area has been a problem, maybe 5 years or so. The first time it swelled about the size of a golfball before it burst. It was ok after that, it would just drain on and off. Last month it started swelling up again and I went to see the doctor. They made an incision (ouch) and drained it (very ouch) then flushed it (ouch again) and finally stuffed it. It was very un-fun but I was optimistic that this was going to be the end of it. It healed up nicely and was painless up until a few days ago. It's coming back again and I want to go to my doctor's office armed with information. Have any of you successfully dealt with an abscess through medication or otherwise?
One thing is that you should always clean your butt after a bm. I have also had problems due to abscesses and last week I was in the hospital with one. Just try and keep the area as clean as possible. The incision can take a really long time to heal completely and you need to keep that area clean. Best of luck
It has healed over, and that's the problem I think, because it seems to be starting to hurt again even though it's been painless and healed over for the last few weeks.


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Well, healing over... actually closing over.. 'externally' ... doesn't mean it healed on the inside. It just prevents it from draining... probably built up pressure on the 'unhealed' inside portion thats causing the discomfort. you may need to see a dr. and have it lanced open again... Pressurizing the 'unhealed' inside may spread it more...
Yep, I think that's the problem. I was just wondering if anyone had any long term success with a particular procedure or medication since it doesn't seem to want to go away.


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Well, I don't think there is an easy solution... I've not had any abcesses since I was diagnosed.. had one on my tailbone... years N years ago.. long before the 1st sign of this disease EVER raised its' head. It was lanced, and fortunately, it just went away. Another fellow I knew, at about the same time, wasn't as lucky. His kept returning, going deeper N deeper into his tailbone.. till he had to have a spinal operation.. he came close to becoming paralyzed from the waist down. It wasnt' connected to IBD either. Just know from my experiences N his that it can be tricky.. My doc was amazed that mine cleared up after lancing it.


Hey Wiles, I have had too many abcesses to mention, but I will. Just in the last 6 months I have had 3. Two of them were bad enough to require a drain. I have had to have I believe 8 or 9 drains in the past. The surgeon explained that with the drain all of the icky stuff is able to get out instead of it healing over and trapping it in there. Suprisingly enough I have never had an abcess recur in any of the same spots where there has been a drain. Hopefully before long there will be no area untouched and I won't get them anymore!!!!


Hi Wiles, I've had about 4 or 5. If they keep returning, depending on the location, it could be the result of a Fistula. I've had the drain twice and the deep incision with packing twice but they didn't return in the same place. I was told Crohn's makes us more susceptible to infection because of our immune systems so I was always given an antibiotic such as Keflax or Bactrim along with the procedures. Stay tough and good luck!