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Dealing with Crohn's and working in health care.Taking sick patients

I was told I had crohn's by A Fellow( already done residency now working in Gi) He told me I have Crohn's Diseases. I let him have it, Verbally. I asked him about disease. He told me to research myself. Well I had a stoma from April to Jan. I then had 5 feet of my small intestine removed too. I was on M36, Reminacid , Methotrexate and I had a reaction to all. When stoma was was removed I had infection in incision site .Sepsis floating through my body to my brain. I became lumby.I was saying things that may very little. like dad wouldn't like this, dad would't like this, over and over. My husband ask me if I wanted to go hospital. I refused. He called my momwho was a nurse and I tired to talk to her. She was yelling at me to stop. Well it took our 3 dogs to react. Out of the blue. I was saying mommy don't feel good , mommy very sick. My lab mix with my lab licking my face. Which he never did. My bassett mix smell my crotch and my cattledog mix howling when she never did. My husband carried me to my car and rushed me to my hospital ER. There I waited nearly 6 hours on a strecher until my husband called patient relations. Then I was seen. Well it sucks be a patient in your own hospital. I know what proper care is. I wasn't given lot of it. When I wanted a bath. Some aids ask what do you want to washed.
I was in hospital 2 weeks , and off 8 weeks . Then I returned to work 36 hours doing my normal job dealing with patient care. My job is hard cause I beleive what patient care is. I've been a nurse aide for over 37 years. Having Crohns is wearing me done. Now Im dyhydrated lots, have headach issues. When I do take my days off i'm always tired. At present I'm on Hirmira. Which is working for me. I love taking care of patients.
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I worked in the medical field for two years and I really hated my job. I liked treating people and I felt that I was useful, but I felt the pain of each patient and it is really difficult to endure. You cannot even imagine how difficult it is to tell a patient that everything is fine with him, at the moment when he has a serious chronic illness and he may die at any moment. Nevertheless, this experience was useful to me and my family, and I can completely forget about consulting with unqualified doctors. This is really good news.
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