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Dealing with Crohn's in a new country

Hi, I just joined and thought I would introduce myself. I am from the US and currently living in the UK, South West London area. I've been here a year and am having to learn a lot to navigate the health care system here, since it's so different!

I was diagnosed with Crohn's about 15 years ago. After my first flare up, I stayed in remission for 7 years with Asacol. Yay! Then I started having children, and between the pregnancies, weaning and sleep deprivation, I have been having lots of flares for the last 7 years, bouncing on and off Prednisone. Interestingly, I never had flare ups while breastfeeding, but as soon as I started weaning my babies - BAM! So, long story short, as soon as I was done having babies, the GI put me straight on Humira, which was a wonder drug for me.

I had 5 or so months there where I felt totally normal, as though I had never had Crohn's. (And eating LOTS of Indian food - Yum!) Then we moved to the UK for my husband's work. I made my Humira last another 4 months but I eventually ran out. About two months after running out of Humira, I started flaring again.

For the past 8 months, I have been trying different medications. Because Humira is so expensive, it is only allowed if the other less expensive meds are not effective. I had intolerable side effects with Imuran, same with 6MP. Right now I am trying Methotrexate, and I am not having side effects with that, but it's too soon to see if it actually works. My tummy continues to grumble at me.

In the meantime, I'm trying a dietary approach. I tried the SCD several years ago and it didn't work for me. I have a dietician I am working with now, and I am trying the LOFFLEX diet, currently three weeks in. I will be trying to identify foods that cause me problems, which so far has been potatoes, soy and pears.

I've been a vegetarian for 21 years, but that may have to end if I prove to be intolerant of more vegetarian sources of protein. That will be another hurdle to overcome. My brother was just diagnosed with Crohn's a few months ago, and he is a huge meat-eater. His doctors told him to stop eating red meat, so does that mean that he and I should switch diets? :confused:

That's about it. So glad I found this forum, looking forward to hearing from those in the UK. I'm sure I will be full of NHS questions.


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HI Mapper :welcome: I dont live in the UK but there are plenty of you over the pond crohnies and they know the system!! Humira is great for most but if you dont have insurance they have a co pay or help with assistance, but I am sure someone on her can help you. Most men are meat eaters, but red meat is to be avoided, but that also makes your B12 vitamin go out of whack, best to get that checked out.

Sorry not much help, there are vegetarians and UK here, hope they get to ya ;) all best glad you are aboard!


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Hi Mapper and welcome! It's a shame you can't stick with Humira, since it was such a wonder drug for you. I sure hope Methotrexate and your new diet will get you feeling well again soon! Hang in there!


Welcome Mapper!

Thanks for telling us a bit about yourself. As was said by Pen, there are many members from the UK here. I hope you can get some benefit from the forum and that you can get back on Humira soon.