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Dealing with stiff/gelling joints

Howdy folks.
I'm looking to solicit ideas on what you all do to treat joint pain. I have basically gelling problems where if I sit/lay/stay in any one position for more than a couple minutes my joints absolutely hurt so bad I can't hardly move. If I'm sitting in a chair at times it takes me a couple minutes to actually get up.

Humira helped last year, one of the few things that went ok with the immune suppressing drugs, but with the CVID I have to stay as far away as possible from suppressants as possible.

With the gut issues, general rules say we're supposed to stay away from narcotics and NSAIDS. I'm taking vicodan currently but I'd like to get away from opiate based as much as possible since they make me so damn tired. NSAIDS I avoid as much as possible for obvious reasons.

Homeopath suggestions? I do sometimes get the icy hot patch things for my knees but my hip joints are killing me worse now so I need some other ideas =)


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Hi there, I have gelled knees if I sit too long but I use a stationary bike, sitting high on the seat and very light turning just to get my knees to start moving. Low impact is the key and off your knees to get the circulation going. On a budget, look in the local paper or garage sales, people are giving them away. My mother has a mini pedal exerciser I have posted on here, she is 74 and has arthritis and kinda overweight but she uses these and goes hiking ....young people cant even catch up to her! I use my mobile after the tread mill or I walk like Frankenstein. You can do this while being on the computer alot. I have tried herbals and pills, but I am leary of herbal treatment because being on medications is enough. Just my opinion, hope it helps you. Good luck!

Can you use LDN Drew?

Dr. Berkson uses LDN with Alpha Lipoic Acid to eliminate Arthritis Pain, and may have some ideas for your CVID.

This is probably one of the smarter doctors in the U.S. If I was in your position, I would seriously think about seeing him. He is a thinking doctor, and has the ability to find treatments for difficult conditions.


What about glucosamine which people take for joint pain? Either that or natural antiinflammatories like turmeric?

Sorry to hear you are having joint problems on top of everything else Drew!
The generic bran of Therma wraps are working SO well for my hips, lower back and neck, and heating pads. Hope that helps you, good luck


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My brother in law uses lidocaine patches. They are prescription only. He uses them for a severe knee injury. I've tried them on my wrists and hips in the past.
They worked well for me. Maybe you could get your doctor to write you a script?

They are manufactured by Endo Pharmaceuticals. Lidoderm is the brand name.
Thank you all for the suggestions. I forgot about the heat bags missy .. my old chiro used them on my back. I need to scout a new chiro this week as my other one is gone. I'll check out the other stuff as well.

@Dan re: LDN I brought LDN up to the Rheum guys at the place I'm being seen and they hadn't heard of it being used for Crohns but I brought up the Penn State study so I'll poke them again and see if they'll write a script for it and see what happens, it can't really hurt anything for either the Crohns or CVID. I'll keep everyone looped in as to what they say and I'll check out Dr Berkson too. It never hurts to have an 8th opinion =)
Another really good product is Recovery Extra


It has the hyaluronic acid (same as the product that Santos suggested) which is supposed to attract fluid to the joints.

I haven't used the*people* version - only the Recover EQ for my horses - but I've heard good things about the human forumula, and I have to say it's worked amazingly well for my animals.

I hope you find some relief soon.

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Funny - everyone has the product links on the same day.
I saw a commercial for Flexamin last night on TV and thought of you.
Not that you want to pop another pill, but...
No idea what's in it or how it will affect Crohn's/CVIG.
Is it from arthritis, or do you not know? Maybe checking out an arthritis support forum would give you some other ideas.