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Dehydration & Overhydration

Hello all!

I'm a little concerned about my water intake. I always feel thirsty and have symptoms of dehydration, such as muscle cramps and dry mouth. However, I drink a lot of water. Probably about a gallon or more a day.

I'm not quite sure what to do...
Anyone have any advice?


ele mental leprechaun
Lizzy being thirsty is a sign you are already dehydrated. The body hangs on to fluid when it thinks there is a drought so your hands might appear puffy when on pred for instance but you are still thirsty. If you are unwell - like we get with crohns - then your body will retain fluid to help it cope and deal with inflammation and the process of fighting back etc..

Make sure you drink other things AS well as water. By drinking water only you can knock your electrolytes out and that can mean a decrease in magnesium and potassium amongst others which can contribute to your muscle cramps as an example..

The tonic water Pen suggested is a good one, some fruit juices too if you can tolerate (in moderation).

Research has shown that pineapple juice is very good for mouth problems if your tongue is coated and it is used in some intensive care units. Do any of the meds you are taking have dry mouth listed as a side effect for instance? Try ice chips/ small pieces of ice to suck or freeze small amounts of pineapple juice to suck.

Hope my thoughts help..
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