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Depressed and frustrated

:voodoo:really peed off and looking for some one who understands! have been just diagnosed with crohns am 42 and have suffered with this all my life i can find fat crohns sufferers and i can find chronic diarrea sufferers and fat ones cos of steroids am not on any drugs yet except painkillers when im desperate have chronic diarea all my life and am 3 stone over weight is there anyone who fits this bill or has done and might have some advice on how to get rid of this weight as its affecting me both physically and mentaly i know its not the biggest issue in the world but its really getting to me


Naples, Florida
Hi there and welcome :)

I'm so sorry to hear you're having troubles.

To clarify, is the weight due to prednisone or do you have weight for other reasons you don't understand?


Hello and welcome to the forum, I am sorry to hear about the problems you are having.

Have you gained this weight over recent weeks/months?

right now i am waiting to see the consultant he is deciding weither or not to resection my bowl ( i think its something to do with my sigmound colon???) the weight piled on about 10 years ago in the space of three months no drugs involved then or now nothing seems to shift it and i really dont think i can face gaining even more weight from steroids etc even if it is temporary when you eat about 1,000 cals a day its in the loo faster than you can eat it and you have to shop in big shops cos your wearing a size 20 which almost needs to be maternity cos your middle so swollen and people keep congratulating you on being pregnant when at 42 ovarian cysts have made it impossable im so sorry to be ranting but im actualy sitting here crying like a full i feel so rotten


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Hello Chunky
I feel your pain.,sorry you are suffering like this in addition to your Crohn's.
Your doctors are very remiss in not investigating a sudden weight gain such as you describe, even if you have had it for some years.
Are you able to relate it to any medications you are taking?
Have you had your thyroid investigated by an endocrinologist? If not this is a place to start regarding the weight problem.
It is surprising that there is no weight loss with the constant loss of calories through the diarrhoea
Time to ask your doctors some questions.
feel better soon
Hugs and best wishes
problem with cystic ovaries is the liver cant process starches to sugar so coverts directly to fat at least thats what ive been told there is a drug you can take which is supposed to bind it to prevent absorbtion but with my bowl they wouldnt let me near it