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Depression diagnosis

I was wondering how you with depression out there got diagnosed or did you realize this yourself

For me i think i became very withdrawn and strarted making bad choices with food and treatment

but I think my depression was never fully diagnosed my Gp mentioned it once to me a while ago but i laughed it off as maybe i was in denial
My gp knows me well. She knew I'd been through some massive stuff and I'd spoken to her about the anxiety before. That particular visit though I didn't hold anything back. She was amazing and incredibly helpful.
I got diagnosed with depression long before my Crohn's diagnosis. I was referred to a psychiatrist. My symptoms were a lack of interest in anything I enjoyed before, sleeping a lot, a general feeling of hopelessness, I was going anorexic. I was on antidepressants for a year, and haven't gone down to that level again. I think my divorce helped with that. :D Why don't you go back to your GP and talk about what you're feeling. It doesn't sound like it's getting any better on it's own. :ghug: It's nothing to be embarassed about, especially with what you're struggling with.
I lied to myself for many years about being depressed. I never understood that depression was different than just feeling sad. After many years of denial, I have accepted I am majorly depressed, chemically, physically, or otherwise, and now I am beginning to make the proper changes to get better.

I was very angry with Doctors for a while, so I lost trust in them, and I hated the idea that I needed a little pill to make me feel better. So I didn't seek the help I needed for quite some time. My bad habits and self destructive behaviors started to really effect my life and I finally hit rock bottom.

This was many years ago now, but I will always remember that period of my life, it was the start to my new journey of healing and recovery. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you realize you need to change.

Group therapy was scary at first, but afterwards I found it very helpful, meeting new friends who are going through similar issues, and being able to share with a safe group of people. Exercise was next, which helped me loose weight, and find a new hobby which I love now, Biking! I started to really watch what I ate and started learning about nutrition.

I was in denial for years about being depressed. I ignored help and treatment. I selfmedicated and got worse. Finally woke up and saw that I needed help and I was very depressed. Slowly made changes and life is much better. :)
Hi OZboz.
I pretty much diagnosed myself when I started fantasizing about how I might be violent towards my kids and myself. I was so angry, sad, anti-social, moody, then back to normal for no reason. Cried way too much. I told my husband, and he came to my GP, who I have been with for nearly 30 years, with me. She suggested Post-Natal depression (8 years after my second, and final, baby) had been brewing. She explained that the messages being sent to the brain are like they are on a train track. Some times they go off the rails. The medication helps the messages stay on the right track.
I have tweaked my meds and my doses over the years. They truly saved my life.
That isn't to say that everything is unicorns and gluten-free cupcakes. There are still very dark times, especially now that I have been sick, and unable to work, for nearly 2 years.
Go to your GP & be honest (even if you think you may be institutionalized!) with what you are thinking. I have seen many of your posts and can read your struggle.
It is not a weakness to admit how you feel. Internalizing everything makes it all bigger and harder to get out of.
Thank you guys I probably have been this way for years as well and only now realizing it i spoke to a councillor think it wad back in 2011 about depression and I laughed it off and I remember her saying there was no reason to deny that I might be depressed