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I had depression and or anxiety issues before my diagnois of Crohns

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Yup, I have had anxiety for years and little bits of depression as well, though the worst depression I have had has been a couple of weeks recently which may have been a combination of pred tapering and diagnosis sinking in.

I have wondered if anxiety is connected to developing Crohns as it is somewhat akin to stress and plays havoc with the digestive system!
I had it for many years also. i was in the hospital twice for 3 weeks at a time. I've had many many years of counselling and anti depressants. interesting that on disability and living a simpler more spiritual life I have less aniexty.
Although I have a lot more depression but I attribute that also to losing my nephew who I was close to. My Crohns went into high gear and thats when I fianlly foudn out the diagnosis. I guess somethign good can come out of death.

It was more grief and depression is part of that. I 've had other family deaths too. Beign sick and dealing with death doesn't go well.
I started a little job a coupel of weeks ago and I got bad panic attacks after workign 2 shitfts. It was snot good. sort of scares me to try again. I need a work environemnt that I can look after myself and isn't too stressful. i don't even care how much money it makes. Just soemthing to get my confidence and self worth back.
Many years before my diagnosis of Crohns.

Depression was a normal part of my life since my teenage years. So basically I have dealt with it for over twenty five years until a couple of years ago.

I turned out that my undiagnosed Crohn's was behind this symptom. Or rather the low grade inflammation from the Crohn's was the cause.

When I started to treat my Crohn's myself with antiinflammatory supplements, I unintentionally cured this problem. It is now an indication of a flare, prior to any other symptom.

I would never have believed that this was the cause, but since it was gone and I had done nothing else, I cannot come to any other conclusion. I also tested it by going off of my supplements and had the expected reaction.



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I never was depressed until I got this stinkin disease. Zoloft does help with PMS though....(husbands happier)
I suffer from depression and anxiety and take medication for it. I have always had anxiety issues , but my depression started after I had been diagnosed. Having crohns certainly doesn't help but I don't think my depression is a result of it.
My situation was always complex, even before the Crohn's diagnosis. My problems mentally began in around 2002 and I was diagnosed with Crohn's only this year. I take medication on and off and go to meetings with various departments who offer therapy.

I don't often view depression as my main problem, it's an combination of issues with me that I think an underlying depression now contributes too but didn't cause. I'd say with me it's more anxiety, not over the Crohn's though, what I'm saying is the Crohn's doesn't necessarily always get me down and that it's other things. I know that probably doesn't make a lot of sense but I wouldn't want to go into details!
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............................ive really never felt bad about it....i mean ive had tons of hospital stays and surgeries on things non related, and so i guess im used to the hospital, and after they found out i had crohns it didnt bother me, what bothered me was them saying i needed a support group, but it really doesnt bother me i mean yea im a lil embarrised about the whole poo thing and the pain sux, but i dun get y you would get depressed over it, i no some of you have a lot worse things going on like an ostomy bag thing i would hate that, but with mine, i dun care, and really the only reason i found this place was for a research project....im glad i found it cuz u all can answer my questions and we can just talk and have fun and i can help ppl with what lil i no, does it make me weired to not have any real mad or depressed feelings about this?
Honestly I wasn't diagnosed with depression until AFTER I was diagnosed with crohns in 1990. I'm now in the process of weaning off zoloft (can we get a hallelujah?) as an increase in vitamin D has really improved my anxiety.

I had anxiety and depression problems long before I was diagnosed with Crohns. I think a lot of my problems was grief over the illness nad death of my father. Then i worked at a job that was very high stress and face paced. Liek a call centre. I am certain my pchsyatric hospitalzations were from burnout. That's what i am telling myself anyway.
I have had lots of depression since I was diagnsoed with Crohns. Also again i ahev had lots of loss in my life. Being concerned abotu ill family members and ltos of changes too. I'm not good in fast paced jobs. I don't think it has anythign to do with Crohns. But I do know that now I want a less stressed environment and soemthing I enjoy.
Now that I am in remisssion, i may get a part tiem job and do some thigns on the side. I'm really mad that Disability makes it so complicted to ern soem extra money and not lose my medical benefits. Also they take a large portion of my income. I can't seem to get back on my feet let aloen get ahead.