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Detox while on powerful meds

Okay! Just had a scope and I have have active disease in my small bowel. I am going to the Optimum Health institute for a wheatgrass vegan raw detox. I am concerned about how detoxing may effect the medications (Entocort and pentasa). I am not on the meds yet, however I am about to start and the detox will be in two weeks. I know that we are not doctors and nobody can tell me what I should do, just wondering if anyone has experience with this dynamic. Or suggestions about things to consider or look in to so I can make a decision as to the order of actions. My Doc is out with back surgery so not too helpful:)


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Hello Becca
A detox is hard on the intestinal system and could be inadvisable to say the least when your disease is active.You do not say whether Crohn's
or ulcerative colitis.I would be deeply concerned about the effects on your system, let alone the effects on the prescribed medications.
A person with normal peristaltic movements does not need any kind of detoxing procedure and should there be an occasional need of a bowel medication this should be prescribed by your gastroenterologist
Intestinal Bowel Diseases (IBD) need careful and expert management if you wish to stay out of the horrors of complications.
My (unqualified) advice would be to give up detox., or at least talk to your GI about it.
Hugs and best wishes
Pathology says crohns and ulcerative colitis. My diagnosis is crohns. Very confusing.
I was diagnosed 24 years ago but have not had luck with meds (prednisone, Imuran,
asacol, humira to name a few). The only time that I have felt great in decade was when I did this detox program last year. I do not do the things that would be dangerous for me, like colonics:) My body responded really well but I was stubbornly med free at the time.
so, yes I am concerned about the effects of the meds while detoxing. I have not been able to get a clear answer from doc or nurse.
I recently did a 5 day juice fast on Aza and remicade, I don't know how much inflammation I have at the moment but I feel generally quite healthy so that should be taken into account - but I had no ill effects and in fact by day 5 I felt wonderful.
I would have thought a short term detox would be OK, but I am no expert of course.

Thank You! I cannot imagine that Wheatgrass and healthy food will make my condition worse. I am more concerned that it will cancel out the meds or increase potency. I also do not want to reduce the benefits of the cleanse. Thank you for your sharing, it helps:)
I will be in the program for 2 weeks. Raw, vegan and wheatgrass with three days of juice fasting each week. All geared to become alkaline.
I am thinking about waiting on the meds. This all makes me so crazy. I actually feel okay but my small bowel is seriously inflammed. I know that I need to do something and that the program will be great. I also know how difficult it is to maintain that detox well care when i get home. AAAARGH.
Yes! Thank you:) I have been in contact with my naturopath to make this decision. I want the most from this prgram so I am bringing my arsonal of meds just in case and taking two more weeks of life without meds on an anti inflammatory diet!