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Diagnosed at 12 years old - now symptom free

Hi -I am brand new to the forum and have never posted anything like this before so nervous about saying the wrong thing but I wanted to share my story in the hope it may help others.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's aged 12 (now early 40's) and have had 2 bowel resections. I have taken Asacol for many years but started with more frequent flare ups. After 2 courses of steroids in 6 months I was told i would need to start Azathioprine because a colonoscopy showed ulcers and inflammation despite taking the steroids.

I refused the medication (because of the potential side effects) and asked for more time and with the support of my consultant tried alternative therapies.

I did the following:

- Gave up alcohol ( I only had a few drinks at the weekend)
- Started a high quality / dosage Curcumin supplement with pepper and ginger (I bought mine from Amazon). I took these at meal times because fat helps the absorption.
- Took a probiotic (saccharomyces boulardii)
- Started a 20 minute HITT exercise regime (3 times per week)

After 6 months I have had a colonoscopy today and the result was normal. No ulcers or any sign of inflammation, a completely healthy bowel.

I wanted to share my story and new regime to try and help others who are borderline flare up or those who want to remain in remission.
Great that you are in remission. Different things work for different people. My son is currently taking curcurmin and a probiotic and doesn't drink but his crohn's is active and medication at this time is working. Who knows, maybe one day, he won't need it but for now, he wouldn't be doing well without it.
Enjoy your health and thanks for sharing.