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Diagnosed with Crohn's in US from India

Hi all,

My sister(34) is recently diagnosed with Crohn's(Moderate to Severe). She is going through a lot of pain after passing stools due to Fistulas, ulcers and and an abscess in her rectum.She was thin most of her life but used to be healthy and not sure when this disease hit her. Unfortunately she is with MBBS background(good ranker) and didn't secure PG seat in US, I can relate to it now.I dint get to stay with her during my childhood as we perceived studies in diff places but used to meet her in holidays etc. She was undiagnosed before moving to us but used to take homeopathy medicine for increasing appetite as she was thin. My parents are in stressed with her condition now as she has to raise 2 young kids(though they support) and not sure how the future will be for her. We were thinking that she is just weak and feeling stressed as she has not got her residency(PG). Now I see why she was like this in the recent years. She is scheduled some surgery this month end hoping that things will get better.

It seems that it's a more common thing than you'd think, people coming from India where they probably ate healthier than in the US, and move to the US, and with the moving part probably come increased stress levels. So the food and the stress combined is just the environmental factor combination for Crohn's to express itself.
I found a short article about it:

First advice for your sister:
-try to lower the stress levels in life as much as possible with any tools you want (anything from avoiding people you don't want to meet to going exercising to release stress)
-watch out for the food, at first eat just the things that are easy to digest, definitely do some research about what kind of food is good for the intestines

Good luck! And stay strong.