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Diagnosed with Crohns last year - first flare up last week.

Hi all, im 47 and from the Uk.

So in 2021 my doctor called regarding routine blood test results which showed i was Anaemic. Suspected Bowel cancer at first until they finally diagnosed Crohns after a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy. Because of the Covid backlog i had to wait 3 months to find out if it was cancer, and thankfully it wasnt. My Terminal Ileum showed ulceration and Granulomas. Dont get me wrong, i was happy being diagnosed with Crohns but it has to be better than the other possible outcome.

Fast foward to this past week and ive had my first flare up and it was hard. Worst of all was the fatigue and nausea. I was in bed from Friday until Monday and my energy was sapped. I have a constantly sick feeling in my bowels and always feel tired. My stomach always feels as though its fizzing away and its a weird sick feeling that goes with it.

Work are being very supportive but obviously im going to lose wages due to flare ups. Im not sure if i can get any financial help because my wife also works and we own our own home. With regards to family life, i feel guilty when i feel so tired as i need to rest but this isnt fair on my family. I really do find that bit hard as i feel it shows me in the wrong light, as it does if i take time off work.

Its definately not a nice thing to live with.


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Welcome. Like you, my gut was first investigated due to anemia, and that was later confirmed to be due to Crohn's.

My first question is how is your Crohn's being treated? Which medications and what doses?
Hi Lee,

sorry to hear your going through a flare. I am living with crohns for past 10 years and also currently in a bad flare.

Crohns is not an easy disease and everyone reacts to it differently. Initially it was a lot hard not having energy to do anything. But over the time , you kind of learn what works for you and what not. I am also now more cautious of the foods(ingredients if store bought) I eat and make a note of any foods that didn’t suite me or made me sick. This really helps during a flare. I was suggested by my nutritionist to maintain a good journey for meals and snacks.

Hope your flare will be settled soon.