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Diagnosed with Pancreatic Insufficiency

Hello, I am a 50YO W female who was tentively diagnosed with Crohn's at the age of 18. The local surgeon in our small home town assumed the symptoms were being caused from my appendix. He took out the appendix and then informed me he believed I had Crohn's, but not to worry about it. I should be fine.

Needless to say, ten years later when symptoms returned with a vengance, I was confused about what was causing them. I was fortuitous enough to go to a very good diagnostic clinic in a larger city two hours away. To make a long story short, after ongoing treatment of symptoms for ten years, I had my first surgery. Another surgery ensued yet another ten years later. After that last surgery at age 38, all was going great! Crohn's was in remission, I was on a low-dose of Lialda as a precaution, but life was grand. I started having complications from an internal hernia about age 47. When the surgeon did laporascopic (Sp?) surgery to check on it, he cut my intestines in three places. I spent a week in ICU and another three - four weeks in the hospital. I have had three follow-up surgeries involving extensive hospital stays trying to correct the mess that was caused by this one, bad surgery and I've had nothing but a lot of pain and other major complications (three draining fistulas, nausea, vomiting, excessive, watery diarrhea, major fatigue, joint pain, etc.) ever since.

Recently I was also diagnosed with Pancreatic Insufficiency. I have not been back to the Gastroenterologist since this was diagnosed and yet MORE medicine poured down me. Now I have to take three pancreatic enzyme pills any time I eat anything... even a snack! I am already on Humira shots, Imuran, Budesonide (Sp?), and a probiotic. I also periodically have to take two antibilotics (Cipro and Flagyl.) Will this new problem with my pancreas go away or will I have to take all this medicine forever? Is this caused by inflammation d/t Crohn's, the medications I am on or some other reason? :confused2:
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