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Diagnoses at 16 and am 24 now

My Crohn's originally appeared at 16 as an esophageal ulcer. Lost tons of weight until on prednisone was out of school for 2 weeks. Was on methotrexate alone until that failed. Then was on remicade. This didn’t work at all but was on for much longer then I should have been. After this I began Entyvio which worked up until I was 23. Then began to fail as I developed an anal abscess that was corrected by antibiotics. A couple months later I developed perianal Crohn's disease where I had immense pain from all the rectal information and skin tags. These tags required surgery to be removed but I felt significantly better after. I’m now on Stelara but still have major issues with perianal disease and take hydrocortisone enemas everyday. Had a second surgery to just clean up the rest of my skin tags it was very painful and still hurts. I’m taking Desitin to help this heal but just started today hopefully it works.


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Naples, Florida
Hi Mork and welcome to the community! I'm so sorry to hear about your struggles. My heart goes out to you :(

I know perianal disease can be so rough. Have you been trying sitz baths by chance? I know a lot of people report that it helps.

I hope the Desitin speeds along your healing. Please keep us updated.
Looks like you got caught in the medical traps. I'm sorry your hardship has been steered by capitalists. Weakness is easy to exploit, which is what the western medical industry is all about.